Monday, February 7, 2011

Glitter Bitches VD Survival Kit Giveaway of Goodliness

The Glitter Bitches are at it again. Being fabulous that is. 
They're offering a VD survival kit giveaway.
Woah, get your mind out of the gutter. Valentines Day, you weirdo, they've all got their shots. :-)

It's going to be EPIC.


♥ Pigments from Madd Style Cosmetics
 ♥ A handmade bag by Brooke Van Gory Designs (my girl!- can I get a w00t w00t)
 ♥ Handmade jewelry by Juli's Jewels
 ♥ Wearable art from Muddslinger Ceramics and Crafts
 ♥ An art quilt wall hanging from Krissi's Art Studio
 ♥ Hair accessories from Sweets N Stuff
 ♥ A hand-sewn voo-doo doll from Ant Farm Studios
 ♥ Accessories from Scarlette Wrists and Kiss Zombies
 ♥ Original art from Wenchcraft

I can't think of a single VD giveaway that rocks harder.

As an avid fan of Brooke Van Gory Designs, check her out on Artfire, an admirer of the outlandish designs of Wenchcraft, and a Madd Style convert (on Etsy), I'm really excited about this. Someone is going to be one lucky winner.  A very lucky winner. I hope it's *me*